Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Earth Mother Type

Ok, I admit it. I miss that little boogle-eyed freak. He was only here for two days but he was such a charming little soul with such bizarre ears and I grew quite fond of him.

There are a few things I like to do when feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps. One is drink a few glasses of cheap red wine (I mean, I like the good stuff more but we've got two houses to pay off here, people - let's forget our delusions of grandeur), another is take photos and another still is sew.

Doing all three together? That's my kind of weeknight de-stress session.

I don't sew to get great results, or out of frugality or because I'm an Earth Mother Goddess. I like to sew because there's nothing more therapeutic than the noise and rhythm of the machine after a hectic day. It's such a hands-on, simple pursuit after eight hours in an office, on a computer, on the phone talking and debating and rationalising and justifying and dropping your head to the desk and banging it when everything goes horribly wrong.

It's just you, your foot on a pedal and a predictable line of stitches - simple and beautiful.


If I make something decent, well, that's just a bonus. Often I just make head scarves out of scraps of colourful fabric because they're easy and they're useful and they take just about the right amount of time, patience and energy on a week night.

Tonight though, I might start on something a little more ambitious...


  1. I can't wait to get my sewing machine all nicely set up in my room. Of course I have to finish the reno on te room first!
    I'm sorry to hear you miss the little fella :)

  2. You do make me laugh. I love how you write!!! Boggle Eyed Freak.

    Sew envy again.

  3. oh man... i could totally go for a glass of wine right now. mmmm!!!

  4. Very nice fabrics you have there...and what a great size the bag is...Yep cant wait for that glass of wine I esp like to have one when cooking!

  5. I must admit I'm becoming a bit of a fabric collector, so much fun making things...if only I had more time...

    Thanks so much for visiting Cornflake, I hope you had an awesome weekend on the island! :-)


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