Sunday, May 9, 2010

Having Pip To Stay

This afternoon, Dan and I are taking Pip to the vet to scan him for microchips.

I've also printed out a dozen more flyers to put up around the neighbourhood, to add to the 10 or so I put up yesterday. He's registered with every local vet as a found dog, the RSPCA has his details and a photo of him and I'm running out of ideas about what else to do.

He made a dash for the open front door yesterday and I half wanted to let him go for it in the hope he'd run straight home.

But, there's every chance that he'd run straight under the wheels of a car on our busy road. I just couldn't let him.

Every time a car drives slowly outside, I think Pip thinks someone has come for him. It's really sad to watch.

Dogs on bed-2

Dogs on bed-2-2

I really hope we find his family soon. It's been nice having him to stay and all, but we reckon that someone out there is missing this little doe-eyed dog horribly.


  1. Awwwwww so sad. I hope his owners find him. You are so kind looking after him - & again love the photos of Pip - keep us posted.

  2. I know! Poor little pip squeak. We'll find his people eventually!

  3. that is one adorable little pup!

  4. Hope he finds his family soon. I can see you falling for him yourself though pretty quickly and it'll be hard to say goodbye.


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