Monday, May 10, 2010

Without A Cause

We found Pip's family.

Turns out his name is not Pip - it's 'Rebel', which I suppose suits him when you consider he's been a fugitive for days now.

I kind of prefer 'Pip' though.

Anyway, his owners have indeed been missing him terribly and will come and collect him tonight.

Dan and I will be sad to say good bye, but I know someone who'll be only too happy to see his little back disappear out the door...



  1. So long Pip. I agree, with those eyes, I really felt that Pip suited him so much more. So it appears that Maisie has only child syndrome?...

  2. I think she just likes more playful dogs. Pip isn't much into playing, he's pure lap dog. Maisie likes to rough and tumble with her canine buddies. They did snuggle up together to sleep though...

  3. What a sweet little dog :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your Mother's Day wishes. Am glad to have discovered yours now too. Enjoy your week - Amanda x

  4. aww, your pup is so sweet!

    thanks for the comment on my blog, dear - YAY, redheads unite! ;)


  5. Maisie has the glint back in her eyes again.

    I could see she wasn't thrilled about the little lap dog.

    If Pip had of stayed around any longer he may have become a "A Rebel without (any) paws"


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