Sunday, May 13, 2012


I am not a regular blogger any more. 

That is very apparent from the fact it's been...nearly seven months since I posted? And here's where I could inject an excuse and try and convince myself I'll try harder and there is something to be gained from being here, daily, typing about my humdrum existence but, really, this is clearly just how I am. 

So, the last seven months. We moved back into our old house. We sold the house on Karra. I started reading A Song Of Ice and Fire. Lucinda grew. I went back to work. Lucinda grew some more. I kept reading A Song Of Ice and Fire

Look, I took some photos on my phone:

Bubbles! At our old house! Our old house that is now our regular house again!



We started working on a garden!

So, you know. There's been other things achieved. I'm sure of it. I just can't remember what they are. Now, I'm off to read A Song Of Ice and Fire. See you in another seven months. Maybe sooner.

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  1. Hopefully sooner :)
    Look how Lucinda has grown! Wow, time flies. How is your furry kid doing? Good I hope.


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