Thursday, May 17, 2012

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This morning, just after I'd plopped Lucinda out on the back deck to laze in a sunbeam (Ha! As if) while I made my coffee, a chainsaw started. 

Our neighbours had called a tree lopper in to take out a couple of palms on the border of their property. Result? Instant new view of the city. 



On the other side of our place, the non-view side, the neighbours have a super overgrown garden with eleventy billion palm trees and a poinsiana. 

View to the left

It feels like you're about to be drowned in a green tsunami. I love it.

 It's the kind of things you just can't convey in a real estate listing that inevitably become the things you like most about your own home. While the new view is the thing you'd advertise, the green wall is by far my favourite outlook.

It's funny, the little things you come to love about your own place. A corner where the sun hits your favourite chair at just the right angle, the way the light falls on your dining table in the early evening, or a tsunami of vegetation that looks ready to swallow you whole.

I'd love to hear from anyone else about what they loved most about their own place. 


  1. oh my gosh- funny what a little (okay, big) palm tree was hiding! that's awesome! xo

  2. Those cocos palms are a real pest, so it's good that it's gone. I'd take a green outlook anyday but a city view would be kind of nice too especially when it's fireworks night.
    My favorite spot is dusk at our place. In the kitchen just as the sun is setting, the room is filled with the most intense light for a few minutes and then it fades gradually. xx

  3. Wow, what a difference! My favourite part of our home is the view from our deck - which I didn't even realise we had until we moved in because we viewed the house at night (2 times)!


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