Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mrs Boyd's odds and ends

Following on from my post yesterday, here's a few photos of some of Mrs Boyd's collection. The things I picked up from her husband came to four large boxes, much of which I gave away.

Here's a bit of what was left:

Bias Tape-2

Mrs Boyd's Bias Tape


Mrs Boyd's thread

Mrs Boyd 4

Sewing machine needles

Odds and Ends-2

One of several boxes of odds and ends

Mrs Boyd3

I wonder if these would still be useful?

Mrs Boyd2

A few pins...

I feel incredibly lucky to have been the recipient of this collection. It might be time to start some new projects to put it to better use.

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  1. Thanks for showing us. I just adore vintage habby. I have an old Tupperware container full of odds and ends from my late great aunt. It means so much to mecwush I have them :)
    Ps yes, make something cool from them!


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