Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Op Shopped Life

I was watching Lu play on the deck this morning and suddenly started wondering whether the poor child owned ANYTHING new. 

I love op shopping, as does my mother in law. This car was her latest find, for $2. It's ugly as sin but it plays all sorts of little tunes and Lu thinks it is the bees knees.

Lucinda's Playroom5

My MIL cleaned it up and put felt runners on the wheels and Lu spends great amounts of time riding it up and down the deck now. 

This is her outdoor 'playroom' at the end of the deck. It now features the dollhouse I found at an op shop a while back, still waiting for its renovation. Ahem. 

Other features here include an op shopped table, rocking duck, walker and a rocking reindeer a friend of ours found put out for council clean up. 

The gum boots? Op shop. Lucinda's outfit? Op shop. 

Lucinda's PLayroom3

Lucinda's Playroom2

Honestly, I just can't see the point in buying expensive toys brand new just to see them get trashed, or never used.

I do buy mostly new clothes for her, but her grandmother turns up every week with a bag full of washed and pressed size one clothes she's found on her op shop rounds and they come in handy.

It's all the same after it's been washed and disinfected anyway.

Lucinda's PLayroom

In other news, I found this little guy this morning.


Another shot of the veggie garden labelling solution. Iceberg dead ahead!


I also planted some snow peas, but I mixed blood and bone into the potting mix and the dog has already been pulled out of the pot twice, so I'm not sure how they'll go.



  1. What a clever idea for a planting label!

    1. I agree! i am going to do that too!

    2. Can't claim credit, knocked that one off Pinterest. But thanks ;-)

  2. You definitely have more opshop luck than me- that little table, the rocker, the dolls house (not to mention the gorgeous Ikea moose!) All beautiful! xx

  3. There's certainly nothing wrong with op shop finds for kids - after all they grow out of most of it within a year so it seems a shame for people to keep buying new things all the time. My entire family has had the same children's play table and I'm hoping when I have kids it will get passed on to me as well!

    Your daughter looks adorabe, and that dollhouse - what a great find! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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