Thursday, May 31, 2012

Then and Now

I found an old CD of photos of this house from the real estate listing, when Dan bought it nearly seven years ago. 

I thought it would be interesting to do a series of 'then and now' photos showing the transition of the house over the years.

My house will not grace the pages of Real Living anytime soon. Real living does, however, take place here.

So, here's the first up. This is a granny flat area we have downstairs. 


Downstairs Room2

I remember pulling that carpet out (Dan and I had just started dating when he was in the process of buying this place). We painted the concrete underneath white, and it lasted like that until the house started flooding every time it rained a few years ago.


Downstairs Room

We gutted the downstairs of the house a year or so ago and rebuilt it (after fixing the landscaping issues causing it to flood). Dan and I split this room now. On this side of the room dividers is my sewing room and storage. On the other side, only accessible through external doors (to avoid dirty boots trampling carpet), is Dan's hardware storage area.

Here's the front entrance.


Out the front then

This is not actually from the listing but was taken after we started gutting some of the interior.


Out the front

The garden is absolutely thriving out here. I'll post some more photos of it soon.

Stay tuned!


  1. The front entrance looks great! Look forward to seeing more before and after shots :)

  2. Your front garden is lovely. My husband planted many pots in our backyard and while we were in New York some animal – a rabbit? – came and ate the plants from 8 of the pots!

  3. I too have kept the real estate pictures and ones i took when i first moved in - they are a really great reminder of how far you have come, and all the hard work you have put in to making your house your home. every room in my house was a completely different bold colour - i'm talking saturated purples, greens, yellows, denim-blues - hideous! but we could see it had 'good bones' so, many, many coats of dulux 'off white' later (a wonderful warm cream), all was finally good!

  4. Envious of all your lovely storage and to hsales sealed under the house area!! x


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